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Articles about blogging:Blogs Help Encourage Student Writing - A nice article bout how blogging motivates students to write more and better.What do kids think about writing for a REAL audience? It makes a WORLD of difference.

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Here are some great examples of students blogging:
  1. - Mark Ahlness' class of third graders at *classblogmeister. Mark also shares his Instructions on getting started on classblogmeister. It was created to show parents what it's all about. Very well done. And *This video (right) does a great job in showing you how to set up a class blog at Classblogmeister, too. Not from Mark, but one to watch if plan to use ClassBlogmeister.
  2. Griffin's Bloggers - check this out. Elementary students
  3. Read The Net class blog - I like the idea for the class, as well as some of the assignments. Check it out. Senior high blog.
  4. Mrs Cassidy's First graders!! - A must-see video, too. These first graders look like they hve such a good time posting to their blogs and talking with kids from other countries. Wow! What a way to start your education.
  5. Ms Anne Smith's 9th grade class - another class blog. Ninth graders. VERY good!
    1. another 9th grade class
    2. Check out these comments from the students
    3. And how about THIS blog post from a 9th grade student?
  6. Student 2.0 blog - a team of students bloggers. Check it out!!!
  7. Laura Stockman's blog - she's 11. She's amazing!
  8. Room 312 - a podcast page from a very creative English teacher. Here is his poetry podcast page, as well.
  9. Learning and Laptops - Anne Smith's Blog. She reflects a lot about how her classes are doing with the challenging tasks she asks them to do.
  10. A Really Different Place - 2008 Edublogs nominee
  11. Extreme Biology - Edublogs 2008 winner for best class blog. Students and teacher co-authors.
  12. English Advertising Class - a great use of the blog for this class. Edublogs nominee for 2008
  13. Mr Crosby's Class - These English Learner students do a terrific job with their blogs.
  14. The list of Teacher blogs from Edublogs 2008 -
  15. Scott Mcleod's outstanding list of blogs by disciple and age group, etc.
  16. Here's a lits of 100 Education Blogs - I guess mine would have been the 101th entry :-)
  17. A wonderful list of classroom blogs - scroll down a bit to see the list
  18. Another nice list - by grade level and subjects
  19. The motherlode of blogs list- if you can't find one here then ... well... you'll NEVER find one
  20. Web 2.0 Guru - Educational Technology Tools and integration ideas from a PA educator.

Blog Tools

  1. classblogmeister - David Warlick's site. Provides blogs for students. Allows teacher moderation, so if your district blocks blogs for that reason, you've got an option.
  2. Edublogs - also very good. Also allows for moderation.
  3. 21classes - a newcomer. Also allows for teacher moderation. You may need to purchase the fee version.
  4. epals - also gives student email accounts, and more. Check it out! You can even find classrooms around the world to partner with. Teachers can moderate blogs and emails. Free! Check this out.
  5. Blogger - from Google. Free but does not allow for teacher moderation of student blog posts.
  6. wordpress - lots of good plugins for this one. Can make a very complete site, as well. A good option if you want to put it on your own server. Combine this with Lyceum to be able to give out 100,000 blogs from your server.
  7. Kidblogs - built with the younger kids in mind. Has the controls you're after, too.

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