Communication Tools

Video Conferencing

  1. Skype - free voice and video over IP. Lots of add-ons, too A GREAT Skype example
    1. Here's a wiki about Using Skype in Schools
  2. Gizmo - an alternative to Skype. You can get free computer-to-phone calls, too!
  3. Camtwist- a mac application that lets you share desktop, etc over your connection. Free. Very nice!
    1. Manycam - a windows application that does the same thing as above. Also very nice.
  4. ooVoo - free video conferencing for up to 6 people
  5. Elluminate Vroom - Free for up to three people in the room
  6. Vyew - free desktop video conferencing very similar to Elluminate
  7. dimdim - an excellent open source application that you can even install on your network.
  8. WizIQ - another free video conferencing tool - excellent
  9. Yugma (yoog'ma) - POWERFUL skype plugin for video conferening! FREE!
  10. - broadcast yourself!!! This may be the coolest app on the Internet!xarrowl.gif
    1. Check out this broadcast of a 14 yd old on the day of NH Primary
    2. Teaching with - an informative blog post
    3. Another excellent article. Skype and ustream on a Mac
    4. Another excellent article - ustream and camtwist
  11. Mogulus - VERY nice web app for broadcasting yourself
  12. Instantly broadcast yourself with MeBeam
  13. Qik- another excellent streaming video application. Blends with coveritlive, too
  14. Kyte- another excellent streaming video app. Doesn't (yet?) work with Coveritlive, though