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I'm having a lot of second thoughts about many of these tools, as I've seen far too many examples from the classroom that have no value. If all you ask the students to do is to make, for example, an Animoto presentation, then all they have to do is find some pictures and upoad them. The rest is play. So, if you're going to use any of these sites with students, please be sure to ask yourself, "What did they learn with this presentation/project?" If you're not sure, then they probably learned nothing - at least by using that tool.

Presentation Sites

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  • Fliggo - your own youtube! A great alternative - and faster than Teachertube
  • Dipity - makes timelines for your web page (See sample below)
  • Scribus - online desktop publishing tool
  • Glogster - posterize yourself - very cool!
  • Notaland - a nice alternative to Glogster
  • Letterpop - a VERY cool Flickr mashup to make VERY cool newsletters - an example
  • Voicethread - see this example and then start here to see LOTS more great examples (k-12 plans)
  • eyejot - leave messages and MORE. Very cool. Check out this example.
  • CiteBite - creates links DIRECTLY to selected text on a page. Very nice tool. An example
  • Digg - social bookmarking with a twist.
  • Issuu - upload files, they're converted to online flash books that you can publish, share, and embed.
  • Gapminder.org - a WONDERFUL data visualization tool
  • UUorld - pronounced, 'world'. Another Fantastic data visualization tool. A must see for Social Studies teachers. It's a download, but a MUST. There are tons of other data sets to download, as well.
  • Mappingworlds - another GREAT data visualization tool for your social studies teachers. Excellent!
  • Wordle.net - there are SO many uses for this simple program that requires no login. See Sample
  • ManyEyes - a WONDERFUL data visualization tool! Active word clouds, data charts and much more. Excellent! Example
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Uploaded on authorSTREAM by  jgates513

authorstream example
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From vuvox.com.
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Dipity example
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Slideshare.net example

ShowBeyond Example
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Voicethread Example
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SlideRocket Example
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Time to Make a Difference from Tod Baker on Vimeo.

Animoto Example
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RockYou Example

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Wordle: declaration of Independence
Wordle.net thumbnail - click to see original
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Many Eyes Example

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