m A S H U Illuminated Lettering P1000115

So what is a mashup? Take your idea and someone else's content and put them together to make something entirely different. For example the letters that spell Mashups at the top of this page came from Flick.com. Someone else had the idea of letting you spell out words using Flickr's images. Presto! A mashup.

(Note: Almost all of the sites mentioned on the Fun Web 2.0 Sites page are mashups, too.)

Here are some of my favorites for school:

  1. Popfly - have fun here and make your own mashup! You can't hurt it.
  2. Census Mashup- some good lessons can come from this site. Ask questions about our population and let the students explore the data to find the answers.
  3. Quikmaps- see sample on the About Me page. Put maps on your own wikis.
  4. Embed Google's mymaps on your page
  5. 16 Great Data Visualization Tools - check them out. EXCELLENT tools for the visual learners.
  6. Track This Now - want to know what other countries are reporting on a given topic? Enter the topic and see pushpins on the global map. Click the pins to read the articles.
  7. Bookr - make books with your flickr pics. Mac folks have another (better?) way to publish pictures. But, this is for the masses. Very nice way to make a beautiful coffee table book of your favorite pictures.
  8. Mixbook - another VERY cool book-maker

A List of FUN mashups

  1. Flash Earth - a flash based Google Earth - in case Google Earth is blocked in your school. This won't let you save places, but it's a nice alternative to Google Earth.
  2. Earthurl.org - May be the PERFECT tool if Google Earth isn't an option. Fly to your desired location and copy the url to share. Easy as can be.
  3. A great story about mashups from NPR
  4. Zillow.com - check the value of your neighbor's house :-)
  5. Track Satellites in real time- Amazing. Watch as they move around the planet. Track them and learn about their altitude, speed, etc.
  6. GoogleMapsMania - this blog finds the BEST mashups for google maps. It's not a mashup itself, but a place where you can find great Google Maps mashups.

Flickr Mashups

  1. StainedGlassCollage - what a GREAT way to save your year in pictures. Think Grandparents, parents of your students, a collage of your students from throughout the year. Just lots of fun.
  2. Flickr Clock - worthless but fun
  3. 275 Flickr mashups- a huge list of some fun Flickr mashups
  4. Another top ten list for flickr - there are lots of these kinds of lists
  5. FD's Flickr Toys - a GREAT collection!! Here's a sample magazine cover or here
  6. Splashr is a flickr mashup. Grab the code to put this one YOUR blog, too.
  7. Spell with Flickr - fun mashup that made many of the headings on this wiki
  8. Dumpr - another great set of tools for having fun with pictures. A flickr mashup.