Office Online

No longer do you have to purchase Microsoft Word in order to create word processing files. And, now we can also share those files with others and allow them to edit them right along with us. GREAT tools for collaboration projects with the students.


Office Sites

  1. Google Docs - Easy to use. Get a gmail account!!! The word processing documents allow up to 10 (ten) concurrent editors on a document. The spreadsheets allow up to 50. You can easily make data entry forms for your spreadsheets to allow a hundred responses. This kind of web based word processro solves a lot of problems, from how students can collaborate on projects from home, to the transporting of documents to and from school. And - you can get Google Docs for your own Domain! Find out more here.
    1. Make sure you check out the new Presentations!
    2. Go here for a sample spreadsheet form.
    3. Check out the TONS of templates!
  2. Zoho - just LOOK at all the MANY different applications you can use! See example of a live document below. During a workshop I will make changes to the document and you will see the results there.
    1. Sample Zoho Notebook - Think how this could be used with your students! A powerful tool!
    2. video of Zoho Notebook - watch this video to see how very cool this application truly is.
  3. ThinkFree - an excellent editor. Includes a Powerpoint app
  4. Ajax13 - written in Ajax. Fun!

Live Zoho Document.

If I make changes to the document you can see them here. The downside? The document must be 'Public.'


A YouTube video from CommonCraft


Check out the Zoho Notebook!!