What is it?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Invented in the mid '90's by Netscape it was abandoned for a number of reasons. However, it was picked up again and now is the power behind blogs and news feeds, etc. It's just code - but it's very cool code.

Another view of it. (Very nice)

Feed Me - What is RSS?
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What is an aggregator?

An aggregator is a program or website that collects all of your chosen RSS feeds into one place. It's THIS ABILITY to collect feeds in one location that makes it all work. Feeds (RSS) push content out to subscribers, and aggregators collect them all. Here is a simple aggregator that you can put on your own wiki or webpage:

Another way to embed Feeds in wikispaces

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What are some examples of aggregators?

bloglines - may be blocked due to the Image Wall built into it. Tutorial
pageflakes - an excellent choice. Second place winner in 2008. Tutorial (Youtube)
netvibes - another excellent choice. First place winner for 2008. Allows sharing of tabs and more. Tutorial
Google reader - very nice options for reading the posts, sharing with friends, etc. Check out this tutorial on how to use Google Reader
My Yahoo - the yahoo version of an aggregator. Nice.
Many more - a wikipedia article listing many other options