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Keyboard controls:
(try these for sure: shift with scroll wheel, CTRL with scroll wheel, shift or Ctrl with arrow keys) More on the above link

Interesting tours:

Lots of them here - see categories on the left side of the page

Interesting Locations:

Don't Miss these Layers:

Gigapan Photos - very high res pics you can REALLY zoom into
Global Awareness - in Particular, check out the Historical data for the Aral Sea!

Recording a Tour

  1. Select the folder that contains the locations for your tour
  2. Click the Record icon in the toolbar (see above picture)
  3. Click the Microphone and the record button when you're ready.
  4. Start the tour and begin talking. (Practice a couple SHORT tours first. You COULD be wasting a lot of time)
  5. Click the Stop record button when you're done.
  6. To SAVE THE TOUR, click the DISC icon in the far right end of the playing timeline toolbar.