Survey of Google Tools

Google Search Tools

Google Docs

  • Take the tour
  • Sample form - The form could have also been embedded onto this or any web page (See results)
  • Word processing docs - up to 10 synchronous editors (PERFECT for grad class projects!)
  • Solves the problem of how students collaborate on files and how they transport files
  • Collaborative writing/editing help document
  • Presentation tool allows for "backchannel" chatting during presentation. POWERFUL tool!

Google Reader

Google Books, etc

  • Scholar - find articles and primary source documents
  • Books - find complete books online
  • Translate - and Translator toolkit (see link on the left)

Google Maps

Google Earth

  • Download here - new version also installs the Browser plugin. Very nice!
  • Gallery of excellent tours, etc. Download and open the KMZ files and then save them into your Places. Check out the categories on the left
  • Tour Google Earth, Google Moon, Google Mars, and Google Sky
    • Google Lit Trips - wonderful collection of Google Earth trips matched to works in literature (navigation at the top)
    • Sample - Aeneid.kmz (Needs Google Earth installed)
  • Google Earth Tip Sheet - keyboard shortcuts and help docs
  • Blogs - GREAT places for the latest in Google Earth

Google Sketchup

Picasa - for your photos

Google Gadgets - FUN STUFF!

  1. Here they are. CAUTION - This page will suck the time right out of your day! :-) You can embed these on any web page