Classroom 2.0 Workshop
Getting Set Up for a Social Studies Class
Diigo List of sites - view in Slideshow, if you can
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RSS Aggregators

Social Bookmarking Sites



  • Edmodo - Private chat area. Facebook-like interface. Can post files and assignments, as well
  • Lefora - create free forums
  • Moodle - set it up as a "social" format for create ALL forums. Your IU doesn't have Moodle? Get it here at
  • Online Town Halls - create a platform for EXCELLENT debates! Free!

Online Office

PowerPoint Alternatives

  • Slideshare – sometimes slow, but a great choice
  • Sliderocket – nice visual effects, too
  • Zoho – another great choice
  • Open Office – not a web app. Download for free and install. (Converts to flash to embed in web pages)
  • Authorstream – This one keeps the animations, too, if those are important

Search Engine (custom search engine to embed)


  • Jing – free version plus very reasonably priced Pro version
  • Screencastle – one-click recording
  • Screentoaster – Create free screencasts here, too. Very easy
  • CamStudio – open source version of Camtasia


  • * MappingWorlds - excellent visualization map
  • * Gapminder – See animated graphs over time. OUTSTANDING!
  • *Tabbloid - specify rss feeds and it collects them all and send them to you in a pdf file, newspaper style. Imagine if your students were bloggin? Every day you can receive a newsletter of all their posts!
  • Timespace: World - another must see
  • TrackThisNow - great search tool for world perspectives
  • Manyeyes – create EXCELLENT visualizations from your data.
  • UUorld - EXCELLENT (free) application for creating AMAZING maps
  • – online storage. Embeddable Public folders, as well.
  • CiteBite – create links to exact spot on the page