Here are some cool tools you may need

  1. VLC - Video player. Plays flv files saved from YouTube and others. EXCELLENT Utility
    1. getmiro - another player you may like
  2. File conversion Tools - convert videos to stand-alone files
    1. YouConvertIt - converts files or online videos
    2. zamzar - website to convert files to different formats - watch the nasty popups
    3. - converts videos on the fly
    4. media-convert - another like zamzar. Your choice. Which interface do you like better
      1.</span> - test with this link (copy and paste it)
  3. Link to specific spot in youtube video


To link to a specific spot to start a youtube video (say, the 1 minute 15 second spot), simply add: #t=01m15 to the end of the url.

Make ScreenCasts

  1. the JingProject - capture screencasts on your machine for free
  2. screencast-o-matic - another site to record screencasts for free
  3. iShowU - for the mac. Not free but inexpensive and worth it!
  4. Camstudio - Open source (FREE)


  1. PollAnywhere - VERY nice polling software. Watch the data come up in real time, if you wish.
  2. PollDaddy - create a poll and embed it into your wiki or web page
  3. PollAuthority - another excellent option. Allows more responses

Widgets and Gadgets

  1. Cogdogroo's list or story tools. Some FUN tools on this list
  2. Check out THIS monster list of tools listed by task
  3. Widgetbox - lots of fun widgets to put on your blog, webpage or wiki
  4. Yourminis - another collection of widgets
  5. Yahoo Widgets (Konfabulator) - you don't need yahoo account to use the widgets
  6. Embeddable Games from Addicting Games - too much fun!

Did you know that you can add Google Gadgets to your wiki, as well? Find them here.

Got a Google Account? Upload photos and get the code to embed them.